Au Fil du Banc/Once Upon a Bench

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Every morning, Evelyne, an older woman, comes to sit on her favorite bench in Paris. However, this particular morning, her ritual is interrupted by Iulian, a young Romanian man, who seeming a bit lost, sits down next to her. The young man confides in her his story and it brings back memories Evelyne had buried long ago, and an unexpected friendship evolves between them.


L’Escalier/The Stairway

A man finds himself trapped in an infinite stairway.
* Directed as part of an online film competition for


Le Tueur/The Killer

A man exits a bar and walks home, led unconsciously by mysterious inscriptions ‘The Killer’ indicating the direction he must follow. As he walks on, he hears suspicious noises. His curiosity takes over his fear and he continues in the direction indicated until he reaches a dead end where he must face his destiny.


Central Park

A young boy and a homeless woman share their lunch on a park bench.

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